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This "Project Evaluation Form" is designed so that we will get as many input as we can before we start working on your web site. We really appreciate your time and hope that by answering the questions below, you will have a better idea about your own project and what you really want. Completing this form provides us with information and does not obligate you to anything.

Required fields marked with *

Your Name *: 
Company Name: 
URL of your website?

If you do not own a domain name, is there any name you are thinking about buying for this project?

GOALS: List some of your objectives/goals in developing/redesigning your site?


  1. Build Brand Recognition
  2. Increase Sales
  3. Provide Online Customer Service

IMAGE: What type of image do you want to communicate?

If other, describe below

COLOR: Specify two model sites that show us the color combinations you want (these web sites do not need to be related to your web site)


LOOK AND FEEL: List two sites with a "look and feel" that you want for your site? (these web sites do not need to be related to your web site)


STRUCTURE & LAYOUT: List two sample sites which have a similar structure and layout to the one you want to develop (these web sites do not need to be related to your web site)


TEXT:  Which of the following best describes the availability of text content for your site?
Use the content of our present site.
We will provide you with the content in electronic format.
We have brochures and other literature which you can use to develop the content with our guidelines.
Other. Please describe
GRAPHICS: Do you have any graphics that you would like us to use?

   Yes No

If yes, in which file format do you have them? (e.g. jpg, gif, psd, tiff, or just a print out / not digital)

LOGO: Do you want us to develop a logo or custom graphics for you?

Yes No

ANIMATION: Do you want us to develop animated graphics? (e.g. animated gif, flash)

Yes No

If yes, please describe

4. NAVIGATION SECTIONS: List the major sections that you would like to have in your site



  1. Company
  2. Products
  3. Customer Service
  4. Contact Us
Have you registered with a hosting company to host your web site?

Yes No

If yes, what is the URL of your hosting company?

Please give us the user name and password for accessing your web site account with your hosting company

   User Name
What kind of problems have you had with outsourcing your web site development.

Can you describe the reason why you have decided to consider us for developing your site?

May we include a small icon at the bottom of one of your pages that reads "Designed by MBB Design "?

Yes No

By what date would you like to launch your site?  

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